FAR-EAST PHALLUS KICKER @ Flowers Loft - Tokyo (07 août 2021)

Live Report | FAR-EAST PHALLUS KICKER @ Flowers Loft - Tokyo (07 août 2021)

Mandah 12 août 2021 Mandah FRÉNOT Yoann CLOCHON

Japanese quartet FAR-EAST PHALLUS KICKER gave its very first headliner concert in a modern live-house, called Flowers Loft, located in the trendy district of Tokyo, Shimokitazawa. A first concert as together as the main act and as brand new band but far, very far, from being the first performance for the members of the group. Each has already acquired a pretty long experience in the music industry. Thanks to their respective strengths and characteristics, FAR-EAST PHALLUS KICKER was able to offer a fun, intimate and extremely rhythmic stage performance with astonishing ease, despite the restrictions due to the global health crisis. Led by the frontman Chu-Ya (ALLERGY, De-LAX, LOOPUS), these phallus kickers from the East are growing into a genuine melting pot of different influences. On stage, they managed to deploy a delicious blend of rockabilly, hard-rock, punk and post-punk thanks to the sparkling bassist Ery, the charismatic nonchalance of guitarist and leader Hideki, the elegant drummer Reiko and the magnetic vocalist of the troupe, Chu-Ya. A band that is definitely worth following. We are looking forward to their first full-length album.