NUL. @ Spotify O-WEST - Tokyo (JP) - 16 septembre 2023

Live Report | NUL. @ Spotify O-WEST - Tokyo (JP) - 16 septembre 2023

Mandah 25 septembre 2023 Mandah Yoann

NUL.'s awe-inspiring musicianship and flawless sound quality are taking industrial music to new heights. A year after the release of their exquisite second album titled EVILA, the trio was back in full force on stage at Tokyo's Spotify O-WEST on September 16th.​ NUL.'s recorded music was already fantastic but experiencing it live took it to a whole different level. The setlist was utterly impressive from start to end — ebbing and flowing between bangy (EVILA, KaliMa), groovy ​(GREEDY BLOOD FEUD),  hypnotic (Cube, zankou) and touchy​ moments (Ground zero, shiyuu no tenbin). ​With their unique blend of the coldness of industrial rock and the warmth of the Orient, NUL. creates a bewitching and unique sonic atmosphere. Not only was the music breathtaking but the sound quality was nothing short of perfection, with each instrument and vocal line cutting through the air with crystal clarity.

HIZUMI’s voice resonated with raw intensity, effortlessly conveying a wide range of emotions. From beautiful harmonies to fierce and aggressive screams, HIZUMI's vocal range showcased his versatility. His unique timbre only had the ability to capture your ears. HIZUMI's voice was on point, but so was his stage presence. His infectious moves and radiant smile were not left unnoticed. The man was on stage like a fish in water looking happier and more relaxed than ever before.​ The other musicians were not left behind. While guitarist MASATO (defspiral) graced the stage with his heavy riffs and abrasive solos adding raw energy to the performance, Toshiyuki Kishi​ (abingdon boys school), the programming mastermind behind NUL., captivated the fans with his bouncy electronic sound ​waves and daunting melodies. Despite their differences, their individual talents seamlessly intertwined, fitting together like puzzle pieces. Together, HIZUMI, MASATO and Kishi showcased a perfect synergy that complemented each other's strengths.

Adding to the magic of the evening were the guest musicians, bassist KOHTA (Angelo/PIERROT) and drummer Yuya Ishii. While not permanent members of the band, their presence on stage was a delightful surprise. KOHTA’s groovy basslines and Yuya Ishii's dynamic drumming enhanced the overall sonic experience. Visually, the fans were served: a giant screen adorned the stage, serving as a canvas for VJ Bori's artistic vision. The (very) aggressive strobe lights flashed at a crazy rate creating a hypnotic and almost trance-like effect.
NUL.'s performance was a testament to their mastery of the industrial genre. With flawless sound quality, original music, and perfect synergy, NUL. left us speechless.
Do not miss the chance to see the band live, eargasm guarantee!

Note that during the performance, the musicians debuted 2 new songs, INFERNAL and DIVE. Though the demo CD was handed to the fans at the end of the show, the songs will be rearranged and mixed for their highly anticipated third album. Their two first albums, TRIBRID ARCHIVE and EVILA, already captivated our ears, but experiencing them live took them to a whole different level of greatness, leaving us eagerly yearning for more.
NUL. will remain firmly on our radar.

01. DIVE
02. Cube
03. From deep underground
05. abnormalize
06. yatagarasu (八咫烏)
09. Ground zero
10. zankou (残光)
11. Another Face
12. Dictate
13. Kalima
15. Jill (ジル)
16. Plastic Factory
01. higanhana (灯願華)
02. shiyuu no tenbin (死遊の天秤)
04. XStream