NUL. @ Kichijoji SHUFFLE - Tokyo (JP) - 17 octobre 2023

Live Report | NUL. @ Kichijoji SHUFFLE - Tokyo (JP) - 17 octobre 2023

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On October 17th, the industrial sensation NUL. made a triumphant return to the stage at Kichijoji SHUFFLE in Tokyo. Following their highly successful concert last month (September 16th at Spotify O-WEST), this special event was held to celebrate the birthday of the band's programming mastermind, Kishi Toshiyuki. In a departure from their most recent performances, NUL. decided to strip down their set and return to their roots, presenting a concert that showcased the trio's raw talent. With a more intimate setting, vocalist HIZUMI took the stage on the left, with Toshiyuki Kishi in the middle handling programming duties, and guitarist MASATO positioned on the right - forming a triangle. This rearrangement of the members created a fresh dynamic, enhancing the musical alchemy of this brilliant 3-member band. 

From the very start, NUL. spellbound the audience with their alluring stage presence and powerful music. After showcasing 2 fresh tracks, INFERNAL and DIVE, the trio proceeded to alternate songs from their debut album TRIBRID ARCHIVE and their masterpiece second album EVILA, igniting the audience with an electrifying surge of energy. With each song, they effortlessly commanded the stage, never letting the energy wane. The crowd responded enthusiastically, dancing and cheering along to the infectious beats. Throughout the performance, NUL. displayed their showmanship and musicianship, concatenating up-beat tracks without showing any signs of fatigue. The audience was completely captivated, their eyes fixed on the stage, soaking in every note and movement. Despite the band’s high-spirited performance, they surprisingly incorporated a slower song into the set, Shiyuu no Tenbin, creating one particularly poignant moment that left vocalist HIZUMI with teary eyes. After then, the energy kept building up with uplifting tracks like Kalima and GREEDY BLOOD FEUD. As the concert reached its climax, the atmosphere became high-voltage. The energy was infectious, spreading like wildfire, making it impossible not to move to the rhythm.

During the first encore, the fans united their voices to sing "Happy Birthday" to Toshiyuki Kishi, who happily returned to the stage to express his gratitude and perform a solo song which was a delightful sight to behold as he moved on stage with childlike joy and enthusiasm. Later Joined by MASATO, the two musicians delivered an instrumental set, fusing danceable beats with electrifying rock guitar riffs, creating one-of-a-kind soundscape. HIZUMI then made his return to the stage, escalating the concert's energy to exhilarating new dimension. The band's commitment to delivering a fast-paced and rousing show was unwavering, never letting the audience down for a single second. The MC segments of the concert were also noteworthy, showcasing the respect and love shared between the band members. Their laughter and camaraderie added an extra layer of enjoyment to the live. 
NUL. was truly exceptional, with each member bringing his own unique talent to the table. The vocalist HIZUMI, known for his distinctive timbre and vocal texture, effortlessly transitioned between a clear, melodic voice and powerful screaming. The programming wizard, Toshiyuki Kishi, crafted mighty beats and beautiful musical layers. Guitarist, MASATO, with his enrapturing riffs and stunning solos, enhanced a raw and rock’n’roll element to the mix. On stage, each member mastered his own specialty, and their collective talent crafted a top-tier musical soundscape.
Although Toshiyuki Kishi's wish to travel overseas for his birthday couldn't be fulfilled, he managed to take the entire venue on a transporting musical journey. We can only wish NUL.'s music will transcend borders and take them on a world tour.
Keep your eyes (and ears) open.

NUL. | Kichijoji SHUFFLE (October, 17th, 2023)

02. DIVE 
03. EVILA 
04. I don’t seek, I find 
06. shiyuu no tenbin (死遊の天秤) 
07. Another Face 
08. Cube 
09. Dictate 
10. Kalima 
12. Plastic Factory 
13. Jill (ジル) 
01. Psychedelic Super Overdrive [ kishi solo track ]
02. call & re-sponse  [ kishi solo track ]
04. abnormalize 
05. XStream