Tatsuro (solo works) @ Zepp Yokohama - Yokohama (JP) - 12 février 2022

Live Report | Tatsuro (solo works) @ Zepp Yokohama - Yokohama (JP) - 12 février 2022

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After 2 decades of interrupted success, Tatsuro, the vocalist of famous Japanese rock band MUCC, has decided to go solo! Following the departure of drummer SATOchi (MUCC) and the never-ending  health crisis the world is currently facing, the artist felt the need to unleash his creativity for his own personal growth. For the occasion, Tatsuro released, not one but two studio-albums the same day (February 2d). Interesting, isn't it ? Then stay tuned, you will be able to learn more about the content of these two albums,「=(equal)」and Hikagaku Houteshiki (非科学方程式) via an exclusive interview shortly. Prior to the release of these two records, Tatsuro first ran the risk of putting himself out there directly on stage with his first solo tour titled Hajimemashite Tatsuro Desu (I’m Tatsuro, nice to meet you). After few successive and successful dates in Japan, the tour ended at Zepp Yokohama, whose configuration borders on perfection, on February 12, 2022 and allowed the artist to prove his talent as a showman. While it is obviously not easy for everyone to be comfortable on a playing field as complex as the stage, Tatsuro does make it look like a piece of cake. Vigorous and funny, the vocalist easily ensures a captivating performance to the delight of his spectators. The artist was also accompanied by solid and talented musicians who are well-known in the Japanese alternative rock scene and who happen to be his closest friends : Umi (vistlip), Nao (Arlequin), Masa (NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST), SORA(DEZERT), Hiromi Gotoh, Fusafumi Adachi. In short, Tatsuro was able to complete a very promising first tour. More to follow !

|First Solo Tour, Hajimemashite Tatsuro Desu |
22 février 2022 @ KT Zepp Yokohama

02. New Chaotic Paradise
05. the love letter
07. surrender
08. frigidity
09. kowareta piano
10. bloom
11. Mr.Countdown
12. shinsekai
13. mugen no hana
14. compass
15. cherry blossom
16. door
17. akairo no tsuki
en1. what if
en2. akaiito
en3. good night